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Race Purpose

The race began after 16 year old Michael Neill - a member of the Lafollette High School Cross-Country team died in a tragic car accident 3 days before the start of the school year. Michael was a passionate runner, a dedicated student, loving friend, and his passion was to help kids, so the No Fear All Fun Run/Walk was born. 

The purpose of the run/walk is to benefit the Sennett and Whitehorse Middle School Running Clubs. These clubs function on small budgets and donations. 

All proceeds will directly impact the middle school running clubs and immediately help adult volunteers, funding for uniforms, and most importantly, more kids being able to participate in fun fall events.

We hope that you will come run/walk with us as a community partner and No Fear All Fun Trail Run Sponsor.

Where Do Run Proceeds Go?


Whitehorse Middle School – The Club is now a Whitehorse Middle School - Cross Country Team, with 20+ runners, the team coaches purchased new uniforms, they are also able to participate in 3 Cross Country events this fall, and…. they are working on hiring a paid coach for next fall… Woo Hoo!!!

Sennett Middle School – The Club is now a Sennett Middle School - Cross Country Team the has grown in number to almost double the size – 25+ runners, the coaches purchased new uniforms, and they are able to participate in 3 Cross Country events this fall, and maybe a run in the spring if there is interest. This team also hosts the City Middle School Cross Country Meet each year, and because of our run donations the coach was able to purchase a timing clock.


You are helping make dreams come true….

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